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The interplay of art and the science of gardening to bring a landscape to life. One key tenet is that we work closely with clients to address their ongoing needs and desires, helping them envision their properties for the future,  and implementing changes along the way. Another key aspect of Gardeneering’s commitment is to a yearly review and establishing a plan for maintenance moving forward. As a property matures, there needs to be a plan to maintain the look over time. As Sasmussen states, “the inevitability of transformation sets garden art apart from all other art forms. A close working relationship helps nurture a client’s home to become an example of a well tended sustainable green space.

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Tish Rehill - President

Tish started her career working for a local landscape company and after two years, left to become the plant buyer at Lynch’s Garden Center in 1980. During that time she took classes at NYBG and devoured many gardening books and publications. Tish lectured at many garden symposiums and worked closely with local growers to bring in new and unusual cultivars to the market.

In 1985, she began Gardeneering recognizing the need for a woman’s sensibility (touch)in the landscape field. The company has grown, under Tish’s guidance, to a full service specialty landscaping company providing quality service and eye for detail.

Tish is always scouting for the next new cultivar, container or design influence that may work to enhance a client’s landscape.  Through her travels during the winter months, she returns with new insight and inspiration for the coming season.

Tish is licensed and a longtime member of the garden committee at Longhouse. She is also a supporting member of NYBG, HAH and the Metro Horticultural Group, as well as the Southampton Chamber of Commerce and the Southampton Historical Society.

Many of her clients have been with her since the beginning, and she is frequently "sold" with a property when it passes from one owner to the next.



Marley Doherty - Project Manager

Marley has grown up in the landscape business and has had a passion for the outdoors his whole life. His first job was a sales associate at Lynch’s Garden Center where he assisted customers and broadened his own knowledge on plant material.

Marley is currently in his final year at Farmingdale State College studying Horticulture with a concentration in Landscape Development.

Marley started working for Gardeneering Inc. in 2010 as a part of the maintenance crew and has worked his way up to become project manager. In his spare time Marley enjoys surfing, traveling, and continues to broaden his knowledge in the lanscape field year after year.